Our Story
In 1995, Debi Bernardes of the Fredericksburg Area Running Club decided to take a long standing one mile race for kids to the streets of Fredericksburg, Virginia, to make an exciting road race, just like adults were running. 500 children showed up that day, running in two heats, boys and girls. Thus, was born "The Great Train Race".

The following year, six heats were run and a shorter 1/4 mile fun run for kids under 6 years old "the Caboose Run" was added. Rolling on for 13 years to 2007, where 3500 kids ran in 14 heats, "The Great Train Race and Caboose Run" has won local awards for "Best Kids' Event".

That night, May 6, 2007, sitting at his computer, doing the final result tallies as he had done for the previous 12 years, Vic Culp, a co-founder of the Fredericksburg Area Running Club, wondered "Why?" After looking at all of the smiling faces cross the finish line, "We're a small town of 20,000 that puts on a big race. Why doesn't anybody else do this?"

After scribling many business plan iterations, Race Timing Unlimited was born on May 21, 2007. With a mighty objective of duplicating the success of the Great Train Race across the country. Vic has been joined by Debi and current Great Train Race director, Joe Nicotera and other FARC members and will start their first series of Spring Mile for Kids in 2008.